Kent Beck

Kent Beck

Programmer, coach coach, singer/guitarist, peripatetic. Learning to be me. Works at @GustoHQ.

10+ Book Recommendations by Kent Beck

  • A humorous look at the corporate structure invites readers to explore their own creativity within the confines of the workplace, which the author describes as the giant "hairball"

    @paulg Book reco: Orbiting the Giant Hairball. Get the physical book.

  • @pauldyson Eye opening book for me

  • The Princess Bride

    William Goldman

    @thatnatanya The Princess Bride. Book is even better than the movie.

  • A pictorial introduction to the animals that lay eggs, including chickens as well as other birds, reptiles, amphibians, fishes, insects, and even a few mammals.

    @Zoologist_Jess @KaelTudor

  • @pauldyson @johnsnolan @PaulDJohnston Have you read The Hidden Life of Trees?

  • Rootabaga Stories

    Carl Sandburg

    A selection of tales from Rootabaga Country peopled with such characters as the Potato Face Blind Man, the Blue Wind Boy, and many others.

    @elakdawalla Rootabaga Stories

  • Structured Design

    Yourdon Press

    A valuable new approach to computer systems and program design, structured design is quickly becoming the standard industrial technique for significantly improving productivity, enhancing reliability, and lowering maintenance costs.


  • The first edition of "Extreme Programming Explained" is a classic. It won awards for its then-radical ideas for improving small-team development, such as having developers write automated tests for their own code and having the whole team plan weekly. Much has changed in five years. This completely rewritten second edition expands the scope of XP to teams of any size by suggesting a program of continuous improvement based on: five core values consistent with excellence in software development; eleven principles for putting those values into action; and, thirteen primary and eleven corollary practices to help you push development past its current business and technical limitations. Whether you have a small team that is already closely aligned with your customers or a large team in a gigantic or multinational organization, you will find in these pages a wealth of ideas to challenge, inspire, and encourage you and your team members to substantially improve your software development.

    @vgr Extreme Programming Explained. It changed my life by forcing me to think carefully about software development. The insight I gain from book writing is the biggest benefit. The book also introduced me to many long-term friends.

  • The Water Knife

    Paolo Bacigalupi

    Decimated by drought, Nevada and Arizona skirmish over dwindling shares of the Colorado River, while California watches, waiting. Into the fray steps Las Vegas water knife Angel Velasquez, who "cuts" water for the Southern Nevada Water Authority and its boss, Catherine Case, ensuring that her lush, luxurious arcology developments can bloom in the desert and that anyone who challenges her is left in the gutted-suburban dust. He becomes a pawn in a game far bigger, more corrupt, and dirtier than he could have imagined.

    @TopMdw Have you read Water Knife? Novel treating the same topics.

  • "The biggest contribution of Vincenti's splendidly crafted book may well be that it offers us a believably human image of the engineer."--Technology Review. Johns Hopkins Studies in the History of Technology. Merritt Roe Smith, Series Editor.

    @the_aiju @marick I love this on the topic. Aeronautic theory was always racing to catch up to aeronautic practice & manufacturing practice.