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Alexander Cortes

Doctorate in BroScience, Bro Philosophy, Bronosis. 10+ years a personal trainer. Solar Life. My strategies make you leaner, stronger, smarter, Bro’er


20+ Book Recommendations by Alexander Cortes

  • @Jwith93 Use this programming method

  • Warrior Cardio

    Martin Rooney


  • Prometheus Rising

    Robert Anton Wilson

    Prometheus Rising describes the landscape of human evolution and offers the reader an opportunity to become a conscious participant. In an astoundingly useful road map infused with humor and startling insight, Robert Anton Wilson presents the Eight Circuits of the Brain model as an essential guide for the effort to break free of imprinted and programmed behavior, Bob writes, "We are all giants, raised by pygmies, who have learned to walk with a perpetual mental crouch. Unleashing our full stature-our total brain power-is what this book is all about." The Robert Anton Wilson Trust Authorized Hilaritas Press Edition

    I have to thank @jposhaughnessy for the recommendation I know he told me to read this 2 years ago I think, and I’ve been sitting with it all day reading and thinking and questioning

  • Praise for The Definitive Testosterone Replacement MANual "Inspiring is Jay's knowledge of hormone replacement and human physiology, which surpasses that of many of my medical colleagues. This he brings to you the reader in the pages of his much-needed and timely opus. Open your eyes, read and digest Jay's words. This book is the chapter that I was scared to write." Brett Osborn, MD Diplomate, American Board of Neurological Surgery Diplomate, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine CSCS, National Strength and Conditioning Association, Author of Get Serious, A Neurosurgeon's Guide To Optimal Health and Fitness "The Definitive Testosterone Replacement MANual presents practical information about the best ways to maximize benefits and minimize side effects of testosterone replacement therapy. It accomplishes this goal in the most visually appealing way I have ever seen in this field. This book makes for an enjoyable and highly empowering read for any man who wants to take charge of his health and quality of life." Nelson Vergel CEO, and, Author of Testosterone A Man's Guide: Practical Tips For Boosting Physical, Mental and Sexual Vitality Are You Living Life At Your Maximum Potential? Is your sex drive at its peak, or has it diminished? Is your enthusiasm for life lessening? Healthy testosterone levels are not only a physical state of prime health, but a mental state of positive wellness and aggression. A man with low testosterone will experience not only a physical decline, but also a diminished quality of life. Testosterone is often misrepresented by the media at large as inciting "hostility," or its effects are reduced down to building muscle only, and its portrayed as being detrimental to health. Nothing could be further from the truth. Comprehensive clinical evidence has unequivocally demonstrated that healthy testosterone levels not only slow the aging process and improve physical markers of health, but that they also reduce the possibility of degenerative disease, and by extension vastly improve quality of life. Men NEED Optimal Testosterone Levels to age powerfully and live to their maximum potential. The Definitive Testosterone Replacement Therapy MANual is the first book of its kind covering not only the therapeutic practice and application of TRT, but the historical, sociological, and biological issues that inform its usage. With this manual, you will learn: The history of testosterone, and the modern narrative that influences its use and prescriptionHow to assess your own testosterone levels, and make medically supported decisions at improving your hormonal healthThe science of TRT gathered from ample research data made understandable, and how it influences broad spectrumDiet, training, and lifestyle guidance that will support your revitalized way of living

    @HasselhoffNot I never suggest pellets Read this book The Definitive Testosterone Replacement Therapy MANual: How to Optimize Your Testosterone For Lifelong Health And Happiness

  • Written in 1925, On Resistance to Evil by Force is one of the most important tracts composed by white émigré philosopher Ivan Alexandrovich Ilyin. Responding to the pacifist pretentions of Count Leo Tolstoy, Ilyin mounts a tenacious defence of the Orthodox tradition of physical opposition to evil. As he explains, in the face of evil which can be contained by no other means, a forceful response is not only permissible, but becomes a knightly duty. Further, heroic courage consists not only in recognising this duty, but in bearing its heavy moral burden without fear. In his own time, Ilyin penned this guide for the exiled Russian White Army in its continued resistance against the godless Bolsheviks, yet while the world has developed since the civil war which he lived through, Christians everywhere can still find great relevance in his words, for the same evil continues its designs through other means and under other names. Translated here into English for the first time, On Resistance to Evil by Force is destined to become a classic of Christian ethics.

    A relevant book

  • This collection includes the major writings of General Giap, who, on the evidence of his record as well as his theoretical work, has long been recognized as one of the military geniuses of modern times. The book includes writings from the 1940s to the end of the 1960s.

    This is a great book

  • @jagowing Single sets to failure can definitely build muscle Multiple sets can build more muscle though Your exercise selection must be optimal though Id strongly recommend adopting the exercises from this book

  • @MattRumancik A shitload. I completely ignore industry dogma and my focus is maximizing musculature while being free of injury Look up Doug Brignole and buy this book if you want to learn what I’m incorporating

  • Alchemy

    Rory Sutherland

    The legendary advertising guru—Ogilvy UK’s vice chairman—and star of three massively popular TED Talks, blends the science of human behavior with his vast experience in the art of persuasion in this incomparable book that decodes successful branding and marketing in the vein of Freakonomics, Thinking Fast and Slow, and The Power of Habit. When Rory Sutherland was a trainee working on a direct mail campaign at the famed advertising firm OgilvyOne, he noticed that very small changes in design often had immense effects on the number of consumer responses. Yet no one he worked with knew why. Sutherland began taking stock of each effective yet nebulous trick—”the thing which has no name”—he discovered. As he rose in the advertising industry, he began to understand why these things had no name: no one was interested in quantifying them, cataloguing them, or really investigating them. So, he did it himself. Like classic behavioral economists Daniel Kahneman and Richard Thaler, Sutherland peels away hidden, often irrational human behaviors that explain how the world around us functions. In How to Be an Alchemist he examines why certain ads work and the broader truths they tell us about who we are. Why do people prefer stripy toothpaste, and how might that help us design retirement plans that young people would actually buy? Why do we think orange juice is healthy, and how does the same principle guide our feelings about nuclear reactors? Why do budget airlines advertise services they don’t offer—and what might insurance companies learn from them about keeping healthcare costs low? Filled with startling and profound conclusions, Sutherland’s journey through the world of advertising and its surprising lessons for human behavior is insightful, brilliant, eye-opening, and irresistibly fun.

    Trying to make sense of consumer behavior through a rationalist frame work is a losing game Rory Sutherland wrote the best book I’ve ever read on this intersection of psychology, sales, business, and decision making

  • The Last Closet

    Moira Greyland

    Marion Zimmer Bradley was a bestselling science fiction author, a feminist icon, and was awarded the World Fantasy Award for lifetime achievement. She was best known for the Arthurian fiction novel THE MISTS OF AVALON and for her very popular Darkover series. She was also a monster. THE LAST CLOSET: The Dark Side of Avalon is a brutal tale of a harrowing childhood. It is the true story of predatory adults preying on the innocence of children without shame, guilt, or remorse. It is an eyewitness account of how high-minded utopian intellectuals, unchecked by law, tradition, religion, or morality, can create a literal Hell on Earth. THE LAST CLOSET is also an inspiring story of survival. It is a powerful testimony to courage, to hope, and to faith. It is the story of Moira Greyland, the only daughter of Marion Zimmer Bradley and convicted child molester Walter Breen, told in her own words.

    @GISELLE_HGC Read this, although be warned, it’s a very disturbing book

  • Nutrition and Physical Degeneration Weston Price READ IT

  • The Arabian Nights

    Muhsin Mahdi

    A translation based on a reconstruction of the earliest extant manuscript version of the famous tales offers the stories told by the Princess Shahrazad under the threat of death if she ceases to amuse.

    This is the most based and redpill book I’ve ever read in my life It’s amazing Highly recommend

  • To be a warrior, you must train like a warrior Discover the training secrets that have produced World Champions in MMA, Submission Grappling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Judo. More than 750 color photos will show you how to perform hundreds of exercises designed to specifically target each area of your body. You'll also learn: Nutrition and safe weight-cutting tips Information on dealing with injuries Advice on the warrior mind and mental game The ultimate 8-week warrior workout plan Whether you are a fighter or just want to look like one, Training for Warriors is a proven, comprehensive system to get you fit for whatever battle life throws at you.


  • Launch

    Jeff Walker

    Revealing the secrets to engineering success that will change the future of a business, an Internet entrepreneur offers a how-to manual for launching a successful product or business in an increasingly digital world.

    Best Book On Doing Online Business (from the blog) READ and RETWEET I have a Book recommendation for you It’s “Launch” by Jeff Walker.

  • The Sovereign Individual

    James Dale Davidson

    The authors identify both the likely disasters and the potential for prosperity inherent in the advent of the information age.

    THE SOVEREIGN INDIVIDUAL; I read this book 3 years ago, and its shaped my current and future decisions immensely These are 8 lessons and applications to today world that are most relevant

  • Profit From Possibilities: A Look At The World In 2050, is an essential guide that takes a look at the massive technological, social and economic changes that are currently occurring and will occur. This in-depth analysis is explained in easy to understand language and concepts with the goal of profiting from the opportunities that may arise.

    Those of you SERIOUS about being ahead of the changing curve, read this book

  • Bill Pearl's "Keys to the INNER Universe" is the most complete and comprehensive manual ever published on bodybuilding and weight training. "Keys to the INNER Universe" covers every major weight training topic from nutrition to mapping out various training programs. There are over 1200 fully illustrated exercises with proper names and a "degree of difficulty" given for each exercise shown in this encyclopedia. You can choose from hundreds of different exercises for each muscle group and select those exercises that are best suited for your present physical needs. Pearl reveals ALL THE SECRETS used that enabled him to win the Mr. Universe title four times and reign as "King of the Bodybuilders" for nineteen years. This book is designed to help everyone, the young, the old, the weak, the strong, the coach, the gym instructor, a major league football team, or a YMCA weight room. Nobody, man or woman, has been ignored. Covers every aspect of bodybuilding and weight training A Must for Coaches, Trainers and Gym Instructors Over 250,000 copies sold Basic Nutritional Facts Conduct Becoming a Champion Covers Every Aspect of Bodybuilding and Weight Training Exercises for Champion Physiques Fully Illustrated Chapters on the Ten Basic Muscle Groups Learning to Pose Muscles and Energy Nutrition and Virility Pearl s Contest Career Prolonging Your Productive Years Proper Attitude Women and Weight Training This encyclopedia can add years of pleasure to your sport. It can give you an education into bodybuilding that has never before been available. It can add new dimensions to a possible better life style. It's all there for the reading!


  • Examines contemporary problems of American culture and challenges readers to accept the responsibilities of maturity

    @SpiritedSparr0w This is the most insightful without being condemning

  • A Generation of Sociopaths

    Bruce Cannon Gibney

    What happens when a society is run by people who are anti-social? Welcome to Baby Boomer America. In A Generation of Sociopaths, Bruce Cannon Gibney shows how America was hijacked by the Boomers, a generation whose reckless self-indulgence degraded the foundations of American prosperity. A former partner in a leading venture capital firm, Gibney examines the disastrous policies of the most powerful generation in modern history, showing how the Boomers ruthlessly enriched themselves at the expense of future generations. Acting without empathy, prudence, or respect for facts--acting, in other words, as sociopaths--the Boomers turned American dynamism into stagnation, inequality, and bipartisan fiasco. The Boomers have set a time bomb for the 2030s, when damage to Social Security, public finances, and the environment will become catastrophic and possibly irreversible--and when, not coincidentally, Boomers will be dying off. Gibney, whose 2011 essay "What Happened to the Future?" transfixed the investment world, argues that younger generations have a fleeting window to hold the Boomers accountable and begin restoring America. Distilling deep research into a witty, colorful indictment of the Boomers and an urgent defense of the once-unquestioned value of society, A Generation of Sociopaths is poised to become one of the most controversial books of the year.

    @SpiritedSparr0w This is a good read

  • Deep Nutrition

    Catherine Shanahan

    @mahdiianani Read this First principle education in human nutrition

  • The best framework for rapid fat loss using longer duration fasting is the "Metabolic Blowtorch" model by @JayCampbell333 -Not an affiliate link- In this setup, you combine longer fasts of 20+ hours with low intensity aerobic exercise

  • Are You Ready to Take The Warrior Challenge? World-renowned fitness coach Martin Rooney will take you where no warrior has gone before. On an epic international quest, Rooney traveled to top-fight destinations around the globe to study and train under the last living masters in the eight core disciplines of Mixed Martial Arts. More than 1,000 full-color photos reveal hundreds of the original training secrets he discovered along the way, from the slopes of Japan's Mt. Fuji and the beaches of Brazil to the streets of Russia. With nearly fifty varieties of push-ups, dozens of kettlebell exercises, and hundreds of unique training techniques, Ultimate Warrior Workouts also offers: A complete six-month workout program Cutting-edge nutrition ADVICE and a sample diet plan "Warrior Challenges" to assess your fitness level The history and philosophy of the arts that comprise mixed martial arts


  • @sserb Use this program if you are serious about it