Chris Albon

Chris Albon

Director of ML @Wikimedia. Makes Studies ML on YouTube. Posts ML tutorials on Wrote ML with Python Cookbook.


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  • I've been saving a sci-fi book as a guilty pleasure in case I got COVID. A week after my second Pfizer shot I'm going to crack it open. Feels good.

  • Political science and sociology increasingly rely on mathematical modeling and sophisticated data analysis, and many graduate programs in these fields now require students to take a "math camp" or a semester-long or yearlong course to acquire the necessary skills. Available textbooks are written for mathematics or economics majors, and fail to convey to students of political science and sociology the reasons for learning often-abstract mathematical concepts. A Mathematics Course for Political and Social Research fills this gap, providing both a primer for math novices in the social sciences and a handy reference for seasoned researchers. The book begins with the fundamental building blocks of mathematics and basic algebra, then goes on to cover essential subjects such as calculus in one and more than one variable, including optimization, constrained optimization, and implicit functions; linear algebra, including Markov chains and eigenvectors; and probability. It describes the intermediate steps most other textbooks leave out, features numerous exercises throughout, and grounds all concepts by illustrating their use and importance in political science and sociology. Uniquely designed and ideal for students and researchers in political science and sociology Uses practical examples from political science and sociology Features "Why Do I Care?" sections that explain why concepts are useful Includes numerous exercises Complete online solutions manual (available only to professors, email david.siegel at, subject line "Solution Set") Selected solutions available online to students

    A Mathematics Course for Political and Social Research I was a history and social science lover in high school and undergrad, totally disinterested in mathematics. That book was my first step towards finally learning all the math I avoided or ignored in my earlier education.