Dr. Cameron Sepah

Dr. Cameron Sepah

🤴🏻 I optimize masculinity & health @MaximusTribe 🥷🏻 I train psychiatrists in ACT. 🧙🏻‍♂️ I coach CEOs & VCs.🤵🏻 https://t.co/6UyfEEI41B


30+ Book Recommendations by Dr. Cameron Sepah

  • A Liberated Mind

    Steven C. Hayes PhD

    In this landmark book, the originator and pioneering researcher into Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) lays out the psychological flexibility skills that make it one of the most powerful approaches research has yet to offer. Science shows that they are useful in virtually every area--mental health, physical health, social processes, and performance.ance.

    This thread went viral because mental health of society has never been more at risk, and also the striving for meaning has never been more desired. Thus, I recommend Dr. Stephen Hayes' new book on ACT: A Liberated Mind: How to Pivot Toward What Matters https://t.co/zLkDKvwUO2 https://t.co/MeJbYKi9V8

  • This fictional outline of a modern utopia has been a center of controversy ever since its publication in 1948. Set in the United States, it pictures a society in which human problems are solved by a scientific technology of human conduct. It is now widely recognized that great changes must be made in the American way of life. Not only can we not face the rest of the world while consuming and polluting as we do, we cannot for long face ourselves while acknowledging the violence and chaos in which we live.The choice is clear: either we do nothing and allow a miserable and probably catastrophic future to overtake us, or we use our knowledge about human behavior to create a social environment in which we shall live productive and creative lives and do so without jeopardizing the chances that those who follow us will be able to do the same. -Back cover.

    Unpopular Opinion: the biggest mistake the field of psychology made was replacing Skinner’s Radical Behaviorism with Chomsky’s Cognitive Revolution. Behaviorism works, but Big Tech revived it to make everyone functional addicts instead of freeing them. https://t.co/71LXr5nV5v

  • Complex PTSD Workbook

    Arielle Schwartz

    "This book is a valuable resource for all those affected by complex PTSD, allowing them to be informed and active as partners in the therapeutic healing process." -from the foreword by Jim Knipe, PhD, author of EMDR Toolbox: Theory and Treatment of Complex PTSD and Dissociation Those affected by complex PTSD commonly feel as though there is something fundamentally wrong with them-that somewhere inside there is a part of them that needs to be fixed. Though untrue, such beliefs can feel extremely real and frightening. Difficult as it may be, facing one's PTSD from unresolved childhood trauma is a brave, courageous act-and with the right guidance, healing from PTSD is possible. Clinical psychologist Dr. Arielle Schwartz has spent years helping those with C-PTSD find their way to wholeness. She also knows the territory of the healing firsthand, having walked it herself. This book provides a map to the complicated, and often overwhelming, terrain of C-PTSD with Dr. Schwartz's knowledgeable guidance helping you find your way. In The Complex PTSD Workbook, you'll learn all about C-PTSD and gain valuable insight into the types of symptoms associated with unresolved childhood trauma, while applying a strength-based perspective to integrate positive beliefs and behaviors. Useful features of The Complex PTSD Workbook include: Examples and exercises through which you'll discover your own instances of trauma through relating to PTSD experiences other than your own, such as the following: [Example] Diane was very skilled at avoiding dealing with her traumatic past. To survive, she had learned to bury her painful feelings and memories, preferring not to talk about her childhood. It simply hurt too much. [Exercise] In what ways can you relate to Diane's story? Take some time to write down any associations you have. Information about common PTSD misdiagnoses such as bipolar disorder, ADHD, anxiety disorders, major depressive disorder, and substance abuse, among others. Explorations of common methods of PTSD therapy including somatic therapy, EMDR, CBT, DBT, and mind-body perspectives. Chapter takeaways that encourage thoughtful consideration and writing to explore how you feel as you review the material presented in relation to your PTSD symptoms. The Complex PTSD Workbook aims to empower you with a thorough understanding of the psychology and physiology of C-PTSD so you can make informed choices about the path to healing that is right for you and discover a life of wellness, free of C-PTSD, that used to seem just out of reach.

    @alielzorro Trauma is best healed with a relationship, not a book. That being said, the Complex PTSD Workbook, Finding Life Beyond Trauma, and Overcoming Trauma and PTSD are all fine workbooks to get started.

  • Finding Life Beyond Trauma

    Victoria M. Follette

    The principles of the revolutionary new acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) help readers cope with the aftereffects of traumatic experience through the straightforward exercises in Finding Life Beyond Trauma.

    @alielzorro Trauma is best healed with a relationship, not a book. That being said, the Complex PTSD Workbook, Finding Life Beyond Trauma, and Overcoming Trauma and PTSD are all fine workbooks to get started.

  • Overcoming Trauma

    Allison Smiley

    Is unresolved trauma perpetuating negative cycles in your life? Could your brain be sabotaging you without you really knowing it? When the body experiences trauma, it leaves an indelible - and often invisible - mark. Hidden deep within us, unresolved trauma usually plays out in destructive patterns that can leave a person feeling as though they are a failure at one (or many) areas of life. Using a powerful combination of cutting-edge psychological approaches and spiritual healing practices, Overcoming Trauma is a one-stop toolkit for anyone wishing to resolve past traumatic experiences and receive real and lasting transformation. Overcoming Trauma will teach you: -How trauma affects us on emotional, mental, and physical levels. -How to spot the negative cycles that trauma perpetuates when unhealed. -How to build the resilience you need to face life's challenges. -How to manage negative self-talk and critical inner dialogues that may be sabotaging you daily. -How to move into your heart, learn forgiveness and let go of the past so you can finally move on with your life. -How to implement a healthy, sustainable self-care routine that takes care of your essential needs. -And MUCH MORE! Get ready to step into a brand-new life, unburdened by the past.

    @alielzorro Trauma is best healed with a relationship, not a book. That being said, the Complex PTSD Workbook, Finding Life Beyond Trauma, and Overcoming Trauma and PTSD are all fine workbooks to get started.

  • Chronicles a long, strange trip through America's ivy-covered temples of higher learning where standardized tests, class rankings and gamesmanship stand in the way of true intellectual fulfillment, and reveals the psychic costs of our advance-or-else educational system.

    @stewfortier @walterkirn @pwdan @paulocoelho Kirn's "Lost in the Meritocracy" is one of my favorite essays of all time, which was later turned into a book. https://t.co/ufennVhfBw

  • Demonstrates the role of self-esteem in psychological health and presents six action-based practices that provide a foundation for daily life

    @roanwar Classic book.

  • Journeys behind the scenes of Silicon Valley to profile some of the colorful inhabitants of this high-tech universe, including David Filo, a co-founder of Yahoo.

    @DrWinarick @PsychToday And @pobronson's classic, the Nudist on the Late Shift (back when Soylicon Valley was good weird, not weird weird): https://t.co/EMRFA1aiDJ

  • The Hypomanic Edge

    John D. Gartner

    @DrWinarick @PsychToday My favorite reference on this is: https://t.co/LKvbJzfAnU

  • Fast This Way

    Dave Asprey

    Break the rules, not the fast with world-renowned biohacker and New York Times bestselling author Dave Asprey. For more than a decade, the Bulletproof founder Dave Asprey has shared his unique point of view and expertise to help fans become the best versions of themselves. From living longer to getting smarter, maximizing performance to practicing mindfulness, Dave's followers look to him for his take on the most effective techniques to become healthier and more powerful than most doctors think is possible. Asprey has been fasting for years, long before it gained widespread popularity, and if you're a fan of Bulletproof coffee and The Bulletproof Diet, you have been enjoying some of the benefits of Intermittent Fasting too. In Fast This Way, Dave asks readers to forget everything they think they know about the ancient practice and takes them on a journey through cutting-edge science to examine the ways novice fasters and Intermittent Fasting loyalists can up-end their relationship with food and upgrade their fasting game beyond calorie restriction. What IF eating the right foods at the right time can actually enhance your fast? What IF how you work out and sleep could trick your body into thinking you are fasting? What IF it were easy to skip a meal, or two, or three? What IF fasting is different for women, can be personalized to your genes, and can impact your mental health? What IF all fasts could be created equal? Fast This Way is a compelling read through the latest thinking on fasting and gives readers the manual and toolkit to make the most of their fasts and their personal biology.

    @caseyames @bulletproofexec @bpnutrition The books mention adjunctive coaching/programs. His upcoming fasting book has three-weeks of training people can do: https://t.co/TXrEqCLO2U

  • The Soul's Code

    James Hillman

    "Plato called it "daimon," the Romans "genius," the Christians "guardian angel"; today we use such terms as "heart," "spirit," and "soul." While philosophers and psychologists from Plato to Jung have studied and debated the fundamental essence of our individuality, our modern culture refuses to accept that a unique soul guides each of us from birth, shaping the course of our lives. In this extraordinary bestseller, James Hillman presents a brilliant vision of our selves, and an exciting approach to the mystery at the center of every life that asks, "What is it, in my heart, that I must do, be, and have? And why?" Drawing on the biographies of figures such as Ella Fitzgerald and Mohandas K. Gandhi, Hillman argues that character is fate, that there is more to each individual than can be explained by genetics and environment. The result is a reasoned and powerful road map to understanding our true nature and discovering an eye-opening array of choices--from the way we raise our children to our career paths to our social and personal commitments to achieving excellence in our time."--

    @astro_lass @almightykazs Psychologist James Hillman gives an in-depth talk on the boy inside each of us, and lays out strategies to acknowledge, to co-exist, and ultimately to father the immature part of ourselves—and turn it instead into a source of passionate energy. https://t.co/qFIgaR7bQ7

  • Metabolical

    Robert H Lustig

    1/ Dr. Lustig is a professor/colleague of mine at @UCSFMedicine & has done great work for the public on the dangers of dopamine-fueled sugar & digital addictions. I'm excited to see his new book called "Metabolical", on the lure & lies of the food & medical industry. Diabolical. https://t.co/RaCk2JQhEs

  • "Holiday and Hanselman present the ... lives of the men and women who strove to live by the timeless Stoic virtues of courage, justice, temperance, [and] wisdom. Organized in digestible, mini-biographies of all the well-known--and not so well-known--Stoics, this book ... brings home what Stoicism was like for the people who loved it and lived it, dusting off powerful lessons to be learned from their struggles and successes. More than a mere history book, every example in these pages, from Epictetus to Marcus Aurelius--slaves to emperors--is designed to help the reader apply philosophy in their own lives"--

    I’m lucky to have Ryan as an investor in my company, since he’s a NYT bestselling author that explains how to practically apply ancient wisdom for your personal development. Check out his latest book below: https://t.co/ygqUAh7zH1

  • Underground Bodyopus

    Daniel Duchaine

    "...learn what the world's top bodybuilders do to get lean and ripped--from thermogenic aids, thyroid hormone, and anti-catabolics to protein selection and macronutrient ratios...includes the top 50 drugs for dieting and a special section on diuretics for bodybuilding competitions"-- Back cover.

    Only the old school lifters will remember this, but Dan Duchaine was a genius (RIP) & his ‘Body Opus’ is what popularized cyclical ketogenic diets before Lyle McDonald, Mark Sisson, Peter Attia, etc. mainstreamed it. And it’s quite practical to do as well: https://t.co/oS7aguO1Ak https://t.co/jymd8SeNJ8

  • Presents the author's personal account of his spiritual quest to unite the diverse realms of body, mind, and spirit by combining Eastern philosophy with Western fitness routines to become an example of the peaceful warrior.

    @CynEChamplin Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A book that changes lives. Not kidding; that’s actually the subtitle, and it’s true!

  • Good Chemistry

    Julie Holland M.D.

    @_stefan_tweets_ Good Chemistry: The Science of Connection, from Soul to Psychedelics by Dr. Julie Holland https://t.co/N6xsOqnAFr

  • @kevinleeme "King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine" beautifully encapsulates my own development as a man, and wanting to share that gift with the world through @MaximusTribe https://t.co/TC6flyTS5n

  • Cry Like a Man

    Jason Wilson

    In this powerful, message-driven memoir, Jason Wilson uses his life's trials and triumphs to show men how to escape emotional incarceration and embrace true masculinity.

    Please support @mrjasonowilson by buying his book, Cry Like a Man: Fighting for Freedom from Emotional Incarceration https://t.co/zg81IGC2qK

  • No More Mr Nice Guy

    Robert A. Glover

    Debunks the "nice guy syndrome," the need to please others at one's own expense with the hope of receiving happiness, love, and fulfillment, and offers advice for how to rediscover oneself, revive one's sex life, and build better relationships with others.

    @cch Nothing wrong with being nice. Everything wrong with being a ‘nice guy.’ Learn the difference. https://t.co/vk4JbeHYhw

  • Enough is enough! Many have struggled too long to control the symptoms of anxiety, only to find fear, shyness and worry creeping back into their lives the minute they let down their guard. The bottom line is that most efforts to "control" or "get rid of" anxiety simply don't work. But, fortunately, this book offers another option. Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) helps people facing a range of psychological problems learn to accept painful feelings without becoming overwhelmed by or submerged in them. Then it works to help them identify their values and commit to living their lives in ways that make these values come alive.This is the first workbook to offer readers a complete, ACT-based programme for dealing with any anxiety related problem. The techniques in this book are equally effective with of the different manifestations of anxiety: social and specific phobias, agoraphobia, worry and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and more. The book is divided into weeks, with clear directions and objectives for each. The light, engaging style of the authors make exploring this new approach interesting, accessible, and fun.

    @Seneca87679997 Yes I highly recommend exposure therapy as well, with a psychologist that has an expertise in treating anxiety disorders with behavioral therapy (CBT/ACT). You can overcome fear of flying in 4-12 sessions usually. This is a useful supplement to therapy: https://t.co/3mqm80HjN1

  • Journeys behind the scenes of Silicon Valley to profile some of the colorful inhabitants of this high-tech universe, including David Filo, a co-founder of Yahoo.

    Cancel culture is antithetical to OG tech culture. Old School Silicon Valley accepted differences. Read @pobronson's 1999 book, "The Nudist on the Late Shift" But Big Tech has been trending towards intolerance & the solution is STARTUPS. Ouroboros: snake eating its own tail. https://t.co/YDdxK8kEBL

  • Draws on the principles Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to explain how mindfulness can overcome common emotional problems and help individuals escape self-defeating habits and rise above fears to create a richer, more meaningful life.

    @NaithanJones If you want a system to meaningfully improve your life, I recommend “The Happiness Trap” by Dr. Russ Harris. It’s a lay primer to Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), which I use in my private practice to coach CEOs & VCs & also train psychiatrists in. https://t.co/tAbXmlMrgN

  • THE BESTSELLING, WIDELY HERALDED, JUNGIAN INTRODUCTION TO THE PSYCHOLOGICAL FOUNDATION OF A MATURE, AUTHENTIC, AND REVITALIZED MASCULINITY. "The author take on the difficult task of separating man from boy by excavating 'psychological facts' from

    @TellYourSonThis “In the absence of The King, the Warrior becomes a mercenary, the Magician becomes a sophist (able to argue any position and believing in none), and the Lover becomes an addict.” - Robert Moore & Doug Gilette, King, Warrior, Magician, Lover https://t.co/9mSAdmZY2q

  • THE BESTSELLING, WIDELY HERALDED, JUNGIAN INTRODUCTION TO THE PSYCHOLOGICAL FOUNDATION OF A MATURE, AUTHENTIC, AND REVITALIZED MASCULINITY. "The author take on the difficult task of separating man from boy by excavating 'psychological facts' from

    @OES80 It’s all good, these terms are often used interchangeably. These are main four archetypes of the mature masculine based on Gillette & Moore’s book, which I highly recommend. https://t.co/9mSAdmZY2q

  • The Now Habit

    Neil A. Fiore

    @DrMikeStanton @evanlapointe PS That technique is from the great Dr. Neil Fiore, and his book, The Now Habit, is the guide I recommend the most when it comes to overcoming procrastination: https://t.co/HbIYNeek2G

  • Deep Nutrition

    Catherine Shanahan M.D.

    @crushingtondubs A book i highly recommend.

  • Molecules of Emotion

    Candace B. Pert

    Explains the science behind the brain's opiate receptors and other evidence of the intimate connections between mind and body, and their meaning for the future of Western medicine

    @EvrybodynthrMom Amazing you mention that book! I randomly read it after college and it inspired me to pursue PsychoNeuroImmunology as my research focus during my doctorate. I published my dissertation on how life satisfaction predicts inflammation in cancer patients undergoing chemo/radiation.

  • Sacred Hoops

    Phil Jackson

    @FrankMCardona https://t.co/P0ytJFCbMp

  • LIGHTNING ROD THAT STRIKES FASTER THAN LIGHTNING ITSELF is a book dedicated to the study of the phenomenal legend in the world of boxing - Cus D’Amato. This work is a collection of scientific research on the origin of Cus’ unique style that allowed the legend of South Italian descent to nurture three world boxing champions (Mike Tyson, Floyd Patterson, José Torres) and train a number of individuals in and out of the boxing ring. The origin of Cus’ style was decoded by a voluminous twenty-year scientific study us- ing interdisciplinary research from the fields of history, archetypology, fate psychol- ogy, sociology, and anthropology. The research group, part of the Memory Research Institute - Expeditionary Corps, conducted repeated scientific expeditions to Italy, Ger- many, the US, and Spain. However, the conclusive milestone of this study was the Apu- lian-Calabrian expedition - the course and results of which are outlined in this book. “Lightning rod that strikes faster than lightning itself ” is based on a heuristic research model, which includes eight separate analyses (psychological, criminalistic, journalis- tic, etc). This method was chosen by the author so that every reader, no matter if he is a boxer or a coach, historian or psychologist, or simply an individual who is interested in the legendary boxing style of D’Amato, would be able to verify the results of academic research on his own and ascertain the quality of the facts and conclusions provided.

    A book about Cus D’Amato, the legendary coach that trained 3 champions, including Mike Tyson. Available for free on Google Books: https://t.co/guMjk4G52z

  • @nickwritesit I'm just gonna leave this right hurr… https://t.co/2ojg47jdtb

  • Finding Life Beyond Trauma

    Victoria M. Follette

    The principles of the revolutionary new acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) help readers cope with the aftereffects of traumatic experience through the straightforward exercises in Finding Life Beyond Trauma.

    @dtrtoronto @nicolecrespo @noampomsky Great book. This one is a trauma specific workbook as well: https://t.co/nLOc2OpxID