Jeff Patton

Jeff Patton

I like making great products, or even pretty good ones. I like helping others do the same. I wrote a book:


3 Book Recommendations by Jeff Patton

  • Team Topologies

    Matthew Skelton

    In Team Topologies IT consultants Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais share secrets of successful team patterns and interactions for IT through four fundamental team topologies and three interaction modes.

    @onejamesbrowne @imHashim Terrific book

  • Epic Alignment

    Nils Janse

    My friend Nils just released his book Epic Alignment. Yes, it’s about documents and more tactical product mgmt work. But, the real focus is on building shared understanding and keeping focus on outcomes within the org and the team.

  • Forever Employable

    Jeff Gothelf

    Just pre-ordered my friend @jboogie’s new book. Considering our current world state, it’s coming just in time.