John Resig

John Resig

Creator of @jquery, Chief Software Architect at @khanacademy, Japanese Woodblock Print nerd


2 Book Recommendations by John Resig

  • An Illuminated Life

    Heidi Ardizzone

    Examines the secret life of Belle de Costa Greene, who was responsible for shaping the Pierpont Morgan Library collection and who became a luminary in New York high society, describing how the daughter of free people of color invented a Portuguese grandmother to enter white society to take the art world by storm.

    @aaprocter She's amazing! I've seen this book in the gift shop at the Morgan, haven't gotten it yet, though!

  • Edo Culture

    Matsunosuke Nishiyama

    Edo Culture is a thoroughly original and sensitive reading of a vast range of source materials, written and otherwise. Japan historians and others interested in Edo popular culture, urban history, literature, and art will welcome this consistently insightful work by one of Japan's most influential historians of the early modern period.

    The very slim upside of being phone-less waiting for jury duty selection is that I’m going to get some reading in!