Marcus Biel

Marcus Biel

Husband & Father, @maildroppaCom Founder, JCP executive, creator of a free Java Youtube course, freecodecamp author, speaker, @dev_champions #BlackLivesMatter


2 Book Recommendations by Marcus Biel

  • Effective Java

    Joshua Bloch

    Since this Jolt-award winning classic was last updated in 2008 (shortly after Java 6 was released), Java has changed dramatically. In this new edition, Bloch updates the work to take advantage of Java's new language and library features, and provides specific best practices for their use. (Computers - Languages/Programming)

    @joshbloch Just coming back from my new years eve vacation, and here is my copy, fresh from overseas :)

  • Clean Code

    Robert C. Martin

    Looks at the principles and clean code, includes case studies showcasing the practices of writing clean code, and contains a list of heuristics and "smells" accumulated from the process of writing clean code.

    Look, what's in the post today! #CleanCode Architecture from @unclebobmartin! Hooray, going to be an exciting weekend! 🤠