Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban

Entrepreneur. Shark tank. Investor. Mishegas. Author. , Dad, world's worst joke teller

3 Book Recommendations by Mark Cuban

  • The Politics Industry

    Katherine M. Gehl

    @Jamie_Weinstein This is a great book about how the Duopoly has been used to shut out competition and polarize the country

  • Yes. I learned so much from Joanne’s book . It’s a must read for every male executive who wants to get it right

  • The Sports Gene

    David J. Epstein

    A Sports Illustrated senior writer's controversial exploration of the genetic underpinnings of athletic success explores the roles of both biology and training, arguing that nature and training are equally necessary components of athletic achievement while considering such topics as race, gender and genetic testing.

    . @SIDavidEpstein has written the ground breaking book on sports , genetics and performance. A must read !