Martin Fowler

Martin Fowler

Author, speaker, and general loud mouth on Software Development. Works for ThoughtWorks. Also hikes, watches theater, and plays modern board games


3 Book Recommendations by Martin Fowler

  • Excellent news. This is the key book on an essential topic for modern systems.

  • The Botany of Desire

    Michael Pollan

    @mfeathers @RonJeffries @cyetain @Grady_Booch @ruthmalan @tonyjoyce Michael Pollan described a wonderful view of that inversion in The Botany of Desire. IIRC he talked about how wheat had got us humans to plant it everywhere. One of my A+ books BTW

  • Separate

    Steve Luxenberg

    Winner of the J. Anthony Lukas Award Longlisted for the Cundill History Prize "Absorbing.... Segregation is not one story but many. Luxenberg has written his with energy, elegance and a heart aching for a world without it."--James Goodman, The New York Times Book Review

    @skamille So I'm ignoring your stated requirements and suggesting some non-fiction - but I really enjoyed this well-written narrative history behind the Plessy v Ferguson legal case. Weaves a trio of personal histories to illustrate the US post-civil-war.