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6 Book Recommendations by OM

  • Moon Shine

    Rachel Boillot

    Moon Shine features photographs from Appalachia's Cumberland Plateau. This work is inspired by the musical traditions native to this soil. From this point of inquiry, a lyrical portrait of place emerges.

    Rachel Boillot's book Moon Shine takes a look at disappearing musical and religious traditions of the inhabitants of the Appalachia. Her photographs are stunning.

  • Today, there is nothing easy about creating a brand name that sells. It takes more than creativity and marketing acumen. It takes clear thinking and unflinching resolve to invent something new and useful. This small book was written to pass on to readers some of the insights we have gained by working on some of the most challenging assignments with some of the most talented clients across the globe. Over the years, we have sought to apply a coherent set of ideas in extraordinarily different ways. One of the great beauties of brand development is that each time it is like starting over again.

    @vmarks Brand names that Win. Creative + Strategy

  • "A kaleidoscopic homage both personal and historical . . . Kamiya's symphony of San Francisco is a grand pleasure." --New York Times Book Review

    @sreikanth Amen. Read the book by Gary. It is amazing.

  • Deadline Artists

    John P. Avlon

    End of an era with the passing of Pete Hamill. Please find some of his books to read. His columns from The New York Post are amazing. Deadline Artists on HBO about him & Jimmy Breslin is worth watching. RIP maestro. Your words influenced my life!

  • Explores why modern-day technology is making people more likely to retreat into solitude and quiet, with growing numbers of people practicing yoga, meditation and tai chi and even taking an “Internet Sabbath” where online connections are shut down for a day. 50,000 first printing.

    If you are looking for a book to read today, then I can't recommend The Art of Stillness by @PicoIyer enough. This is a perfect way to think of our current isolation as an opportunity. (My equally short review from 2017. )

  • Bad Blood

    John Carreyrou

    @mitali @RyanCTJ Bad Blood +++