Pat Summitt

Pat Summitt

University of Tennessee Lady Vols Basketball Head Coach 1974-2012 and Co-Founder of The Pat Summitt Foundation


2 Book Recommendations by Pat Summitt

  • In Sport Is Life with the Volume Turned Up, Joan Cronan offers a refreshing and innovative perspective on strengthening performance and achieving success in both the business world and everyday life. During her twenty-eight years as Women’s Athletics Director for the University of Tennessee, Cronan built one of the most prominent and respected women’s athletics programs in the nation, resulting in ten NCAA titles and twenty-four SEC Tournament Championships for the Lady Vols during her tenure. She reveals in her book what happened behind the scenes in constructing a successful, nationally renowned women’s athletics program—and it turns out that game days were only part of the story. Cronan’s lighthearted stories and succinct business tips will draw you in until you feel like you are present for every victory she describes on the court and in the workplace. Cronan’s business acumen and passionate approach to positive change will arm you with the outlook and the tools you need to revolutionize the professional and personal spheres in your life.

    Congrats @JoanCronan on the new book "Sport Is Life!" Good luck with book signing tomorrow.

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