Rachel Thomas

Rachel Thomas

past: math PhD, cofounder https://t.co/AX7b3uux2j, director USF Center for Applied Data Ethics // 🇺🇲 married to an 🇦🇺 // @math_rachel@mastodon.social // (she/her)


4 Book Recommendations by Rachel Thomas

  • Rest

    Alex Soojung-Kim Pang

    I was reminded of the research that top performers take afternoon naps (from @askpang book Rest, on the value of leisure time): 11/ https://t.co/l0XpFiFk1W

  • Range

    David Epstein

    Shares counterintuitive advice on the most effective path to success in any domain while revealing the essential contributions of generalist, not specialist, team members

    Text is from Range: why generalists triumph in a specialized world, by David Epstein https://t.co/y1VeVTrdB9

  • I highly recommend reading this paper in its entirety: "The Moral Character of Cryptographic Work", by Phillip Rogaway. While the topic is cryptography, it is very applicable to anyone working in tech. https://t.co/oQs5bNr9lW https://t.co/6FQj0VEBcu

  • Rebels at Work

    Lois Kelly

    Ready to stand up and create positive change at work, but reluctant to speak up? True leadership doesn’t always come from a position of power or authority. By teaching you skills and providing practical advice, this handbook shows you how to engage your coworkers and bosses and bring your ideas forward so that they are heard, considered, and acted upon. Authors Carmen Medina and Lois Kelly—once rebels themselves—reveal ways to navigate your workplace, avoid common mistakes and traps, and overcome the fears that may be holding you back. You can achieve more success and less frustration, help your organization do better work, and—most important—find more meaning and joy in what you do.

    Book recommendations from @duretti: - Rebels at Work: A Handbook for Leading Change from Within - Leadership BS: Fixing Workplaces and Careers One Truth at a Time https://t.co/fKYGicVZIH