Stephen Wolfram

Stephen Wolfram

I create ideas, technology, science, companies, books, ...: #WolfLang #WolframPhysics #WolframAlpha #Mathematica @WolframResearch

5 Book Recommendations by Stephen Wolfram

  • Description to come

    Getting ready to send off the ~800 page #WolframPhysics book to be printed. Just finished creating 3394 raw index entries [indexing is still a useful art, even if younger people don't always seem to notice that books have indices :) ]

  • Through his pioneering work in science, technology and language design, Stephen Wolfram has developed his own signature way of thinking about an impressive range of subjects. From science consulting for a Hollywood movie, solving problems of AI ethics, hunting for the source of an unusual polyhedron, communicating with extraterrestrials, to finding the fundamental theory of physics and exploring the digits of pi, Adventures of a Computational Explorer captures the infectious energy and curiosity of one of the great pioneers of the computational world.

    Today "Adventures of a Computational Explorer" is published .... with part of the answer to "What do you do for fun?" ....

  • A New Kind of Science

    Stephen Wolfram

    15 years since A New Kind of Science, and now it's clear it's not just about science... (#AI, NN, future, ...)

  • The Wolfram Language represents a major advance in programming languages that makes leading-edge computation accessible to everyone. Unique in its approach of building in vast knowledge and automation, the Wolfram Language scales from a single line of easy-to-understand interactive code to million-line production systems. This book provides an elementary introduction to the Wolfram Language and modern computational thinking. It assumes no prior knowledge of programming, and is suitable for both technical and non-technical college and high-school students, as well as anyone with an interest in the latest technology and its practical application.

    #MachineLearning for middle schoolers: riffing on a section in the new edition of my book

  • Idea Makers

    Stephen Wolfram

    This book of thoroughly engaging essays from one of today's most prodigious innovators provides a uniquely personal perspective on the lives and achievements of a selection of intriguing figures from the history of science and technology. Weaving together his immersive interest in people and history with insights gathered from his own experiences, Stephen Wolfram gives an ennobling look at some of the individuals whose ideas and creations have helped shape our world today. Contents includes biographical sketches of: Richard Feynman Kurt Godel Alan Turing John von Neumann George Boole Ada Lovelace Gottfried Leibniz Benoit Mandelbrot Steve Jobs Marvin Minsky Russell Towle Bertrand Russell Alfred Whitehead Richard Crandall Srinivasa Ramanujan Solomon Golomb

    Published today: my first ever #SummerReading book for the general non-technical public