American Kingpin

by Nick Bilton

Book Reviews

  • @PeterKimFrank If you want to stray a little from only "tech unicorns" I think all these books fit the genre. - The Smartest Guys in the Room - American Kingpin - Billion Dollar Whale - Black Edge - Too Big to FailLink to Tweet
  • @ianstarz I find I really get engrossed by books about tech fraud/over-exuberance, so the book about theranos, super pumped about uber, American kingpin about Silk Road, mastermind about Paul le roux. Classic disaster stories with fascinating central characters.Link to Tweet
  • .@nickbilton’s American Kingpin is an incredible tale. Ross Ulbricht started Silk Road while watching Breaking Bad and became Walter White. He was arrested the day after the season finale. Life imitating art. to Tweet