At Home

by Bill Bryson

Book Reviews

  • @carolynz Oh I see! Best "holistic" intro-type books may be Koestler's Sleepwalkers, Bronowski's The Western Intellectual Tradition, Bryson's Home, Ferguson's The Ascent of Money? (The latter two are light - but smart - )Link to Tweet
  • @sarthakgh Weirdly, a very enjoyable book about how good work with data, and a scientist approach, changes everyday life for every person and home was Bill Bryson's At Home. It's his underrated masterpiece.Link to Tweet
  • @jnymnz Also, much recommending Bryson's At Home which imo is even better!! (If that's possible)Link to Tweet

About Book

Explores the ways in which homes reflect history, from a bathroom's revelations about medicine and hygiene to a kitchen's exposure of the stories of trade and nutrition.