Cognition in the Wild

by Edwin Hutchins

Category: Psychology

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  • @sjors Your essay is really good. The @dourish book is a great foundation. This focus on place in design is captured in the notion of Ubiety (vs Ubiquity). Look also at Ed Hutchins' Cognition in the Wild & Frank Wilson's, The Hand. to Tweet
  • @TrueHarlequin "Thinking" is the misleading word, unless it is taken - atypically - as Edwin Hutchins frames it in to Tweet
  • @sbisson Nice! Leads right into why Ed Hutchins Cognition in the Wild is so important, especially w.r.t. UbiCompLink to Tweet
  • @mprove Cool. Have U also read Hutchins', "Cognition in the Wild"? Nice thesis on how tools, and eco-system help shape thought & behaviour.Link to Tweet

About Book

After comparing modern Western navigation with the method practiced in Micronesia, Hutchins explores the computational and cognitive properties of systems that involve multiple individuals. He then turns to an analysis of learning or change in the organization of cognitive systems at several scales.

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