by Steve Grand

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  • @jposhaughnessy @RyanHoliday Nothing better than a book where you can feel your mind expanding as you turn the pages. Last such book for me was creation, recommended by @patrick_oshag to Tweet
  • Both of those from Steve Grand's book Creation, which is out of print and not in ebook form but still available at reasonable prices used: Bezos recommended I read it when I joined AWS in 2003. Passing that reco forward.Link to Tweet
  • Back in the early days of today’s AWS, Jeff Bezos had all of us on the team read Steve Grand’s Creation. That was good advice both for the content and as an investment: the original hardcover now sells for hundreds of dollars. to Tweet

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The producer of the "Creatures" computer game that allows players to create artificial life explores the philosophical, ethical, and scientific issues surrounding this controversial topic.

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