Death Notice

by Zhou Haohui

Category: Fiction

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  • "Death Notice" by Zhou Haohui. I got @aarthir a Daunt Book subscription for Christmas but I've been reading her books first 😄. A massive Chinese hit translated into English. It feels very non-American but also familiar. Indian and Chinese culture have a lot of overlap apparentlyLink to Tweet

About Book

“Fiendishly inventive.” —The Wall Street Journal Chengdu, China: The vibrant capital of Sichuan Province is suddenly held hostage when a shocking manifesto is released by an anonymous vigilante known as Eumenides. It is a bold declaration of war against a corrupt legal system, with Eumenides acting as judge and executioner. The public starts nominating potential targets, and before long hundreds of names are added to his kill list. Eumenides's cunning game has only just begun. First, he publishes a “death notice,” announcing his next target, the crimes for which the victim will be punished, and the date of the execution. The note is a deeply personal taunt to the police. Everyone knows who is going to die and when it's going to happen, but the police fail to stop the attack. The 4/18 Task Force, an elite group of detectives and specialists, is assembled to catch Eumenides before he strikes again. In the process, they discover alarming connections to an eighteen-year-old cold case, and they find out that some members of the team have much to hide.

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