Engines That Move Markets

by Alisdair Nairn

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About Book

Engines That Move Markets is a comprehensive history of market-shaping industries and their impact on how we invest today. Now in its second edition, this modern investing classic highlights the history of industrial development and its impact on investors. By exploring key technological advances of the past and what they meant for investors - including electricity, the railroad, the telephone, the computer and more - it provides vital insights on how to appraise the new technology companies of the future. A complete and deeply researched history of industries and investing, the book is filled with fascinating and instructive details, including how Thomas Edison lost control of his company, the impact of the Standard Oil breakup, the early days of the wireless industry, and the course of the computer and internet revolution. Investors looking for industry-shaping investments will undoubtedly use Engines That Move Markets as their guide. This revised and updated second edition is the most definitive and comprehensive version yet.