Extreme Programming Explained

by Kent Beck

Book Reviews

  • @vgr Extreme Programming Explained. It changed my life by forcing me to think carefully about software development. The insight I gain from book writing is the biggest benefit. The book also introduced me to many long-term friends.Link to Tweet

About Book

The first edition of "Extreme Programming Explained" is a classic. It won awards for its then-radical ideas for improving small-team development, such as having developers write automated tests for their own code and having the whole team plan weekly. Much has changed in five years. This completely rewritten second edition expands the scope of XP to teams of any size by suggesting a program of continuous improvement based on: five core values consistent with excellence in software development; eleven principles for putting those values into action; and, thirteen primary and eleven corollary practices to help you push development past its current business and technical limitations. Whether you have a small team that is already closely aligned with your customers or a large team in a gigantic or multinational organization, you will find in these pages a wealth of ideas to challenge, inspire, and encourage you and your team members to substantially improve your software development.

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