Game Thinking

by Amy Jo Kim

Category: UI UX Design

Book Reviews

  • @ppedrazzi My off-the-cuff recommendations: • @leahbuley’s UX Team of One • @odannyboy’s Microinteractions • @MrAlanCooper About face • @danachis Handbook of Usability Testing • @amyjokim Game Design Thinking That’s today’s recommendations. Ask me tomorrow and I’d give others.Link to Tweet
  • I think @amyjokim’s Game Thinking framework is a perfect way to design for the user’s duration with the product or service. to Tweet
  • It’s true! This book is worth 20 articles and 5 books on game design. Worth it to learn how to drive engagement. to Tweet

About Book

During her time working on genre-defining games like The Sims, Rock Band, and Ultima Online, Amy Jo learned that customers stick with products that help them get better at something they care about, like playing an instrument or leading a team. Amy Jo has used her insights from gaming to help hundreds of companies like Netflix, Disney, The New York Times, Ubisoft and Happify innovate faster and smarter, and drive long-term engagement.

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