Governing the Commons

by Elinor Ostrom

Book Reviews

  • It's not strictly about science, but I must also point to Elinor Ostrom's work, especially her wonderful "Governing the Commons" ( It's not quite about managing a knowledge commons, like science, but is deep & wise & sufficiently close to be worth readingLink to Tweet
  • Lovely - Vienna is building a new park, filled with public goods, to be named after Elinor Ostrom. One of my most recommended books is Ostrom's remarkable "Governing the Commons": to Tweet
  • And Elinor Ostrom's "Governing the Commons" - my most-frequently bought book, I believe - is a wonderful book about setting up functioning commons. Not directly open science, but very relevant: to Tweet
  • Just ordered Brand's "How Buildings Learn", Illich's "Deschooling Society", Ostrom's "Governing the Commons", Adams's "Watership Down", Lakatos's "Proofs and Refutations", Gleick's "Genius". Six books I love, and hope someone else will enjoy too.Link to Tweet
  • @Conaw Let me plug Ostrom's "Governing the Commons" (again) as a great book on open source, despite being written ~1990. And Schelling's book on Micromotives and Macrobehaviour is pretty great too. I read it before finishing RD, but didn't appreciate it as much as I have since come toLink to Tweet
  • @webdevMason SICP. Watership Down. Governing the Commons. How Buildings learn. Death and Life of Great American Cities. Cosmos.Link to Tweet

About Book

Tackles one of the most enduring and contentious issues of positive political economy: common pool resource management.