His Dark Materials 3-Book Paperback Boxed Set

by Philip Pullman

Book Reviews

  • @Ryan_Holdaway @nickmacco @legacybox @ramit If just one: @paulg's Hackers and Painters. Others: The "His Dark Materials" trilogy. "Little Brother" by @doctorow, the Sherlock Holmes books, Oliver Sacks' "On the Move."Link to Tweet
  • @andy_matuschak I'm not sure the audio books "substantially upgraded" the experience, but I did very much enjoy the "His Dark Materials" audio books. Certainly, they gave a different quality to it - I can still remember many of the voices.Link to Tweet
  • @robot__dreams @kanjun @InquilineKea Nice list! I liked the "His Dark Materials" books, too. Lyra's pluck is pretty amazing.Link to Tweet

About Book

Lyra Belacqua tries to prevent kidnapped children from becoming the subject of gruesome experiments, helps Will Parry search for his father, and finds that she and Will are caught in a battle between the forces of the Authority and those gathered by her uncle, Lord Asriel.