How Buildings Learn

by Stewart Brand

Book Reviews

  • @wedgedSV See also this marvelous book by @stewartbrand It has greatly influenced my work in software architcture. to Tweet
  • See also How Buildings Learn by @stewartbrand (a book that has greatly influenced influenced my thinking). to Tweet
  • The architecture of all lasting systems evolve. See to Tweet
  • Just ordered Brand's "How Buildings Learn", Illich's "Deschooling Society", Ostrom's "Governing the Commons", Adams's "Watership Down", Lakatos's "Proofs and Refutations", Gleick's "Genius". Six books I love, and hope someone else will enjoy too.Link to Tweet
  • @keyorgsys @ruthmalan FYI, that metaphor (and image) comes from @stewartbrand in his wonderful book "How Buildings Learn." to Tweet
  • @webdevMason SICP. Watership Down. Governing the Commons. How Buildings learn. Death and Life of Great American Cities. Cosmos.Link to Tweet
  • Picked this by @stewartbrand off my bookshelf to reread after many many years. My goodness, it is still great. to Tweet

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