How Design Makes the World

by Scott Berkun

Book Reviews

  • A great book by Scott Burkun, "How Design Makes The World." Are you an out of work designer? It's free for you if you're in the first 30 requests. Click on the link below for details. to Tweet
  • @ASquareNow A great place to start is @berkun’s How Design Makes the World: to Tweet
  • Ripley has a lot of feelings about new book from @berkun “How Design Makes The World”. Hope I get it away from her to read it! #designmtw to Tweet
  • New book claxon. "How Design Makes The World" by @berkun drops today. I was lucky enough to see an early draft and It's pretty bloody good. In fact @cameronmoll likened it to "Design of Everyday Things". More details here: to Tweet
  • Got to read an early draft of @berkun's new book, How Design Makes the World. Of all his books, it's now probably my favorite. (Though, there will always be warm places in my heart for Myths of Innovation and his great public speaking book.) Can't wait to get my official copy. to Tweet

About Book

Everything we use, from social media, to our homes, to our highways, was designed by someone. But how did they decide on what was good for the rest of us? What did they get right and where have they let us down? And what can we learn from the way these experts think that can help us in how we make decisions in our own lives? In How Design Makes The World, bestselling author and designer Scott Berkun takes readers on a journey exploring how designers of all kinds, from software engineers, to urban planners, have succeeded and failed us. By examining daily experiences like going to work, shopping for food, or even just using social media on their phones, readers will learn to see the world in a new and powerful way. They'll ask better questions of the things they buy, use, and make, and discover how easy it is to use ideas from great designers to improve their everyday lives.