How Emotions Are Made

Book Reviews

  • @DRMacIver Huh, I did not take that away from the book. I took away that the emotional label creates the emotion in the same way the word “purple” creates the color purple…which is to say that everyone sees a color between red and blue, they just might or might not explicitly label it.Link to Tweet
  • Currently Reading: How Emotions Are Made by @LFeldmanBarrett Fascinating look into the neuroscience of emotions and our experience. I’m only a few chapters into the book and it has debunked what I’ve learned about the brain over the years. to Tweet
  • @_camjohn_ Some of it is covered in Atomic Habits. The sections on craving and prediction are most relevant. For an in-depth look, read How Emotions Are Made by Barrett.Link to Tweet
  • @ginafiedel I'm reading this interesting book right now that details how we actually construct emotions rather than simply experience them: How Emotions Are Made: The Secret Life of the Brain to Tweet