Leading Sustainably

by Trista Bridges

Book Reviews

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About Book

"The business world is at an important crossroads. The age of the stakeholder is rapidly superseding that of the shareholder as climate change and political and societal shifts upend years of seeming prosperity. To move past this agitated age, business and society must learn to lead sustainably by putting purpose on equal footing with profit. The first step is made by understanding what is meant by sustainability and how it offers an opportunity for both business and society. Inspired by the launch of the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals, the book captures the ideas of more than 100 thought leaders and change makers from around the world about how business is putting sustainability at the core of strategy and operations to survive, thrive, and realign its interests with society's. Leading Sustainably looks at how sustainability in a business context has evolved overtime and offers powerful insights, key facts, and guidance on building sustainability capability within companies, measuring and managing impact, understanding the transformation in sustainable innovation and finance, and other topics critical to better aligning businesses' core activities with sustainable principles. The book introduces five vignettes that profile best-in-class examples of companies that have been sustainable from the start and numerous case studies on business sustainability efforts around the world, spanning industries from hospitality to waste management, fashion to finance and more. Finally, Leading Sustainably provides frameworks and in-depth direction that firms can leverage when accelerating their transition to more sustainable business models. The book is a perfect guide for mid-level to senior managers who seek to understand this fast changing business environment, how to factor sustainability into their decision-making, and why the SDGs have changed everything"--