Lords of Finance

by Liaquat Ahamed

Book Reviews

  • @KyleSamani made me think of this book, this collective of central bankers taught us some lessons for sure https://t.co/CQx1o5cSev. Satoshi and JP Morgan definitely on this list.Link to Tweet
  • “While the bubble lasted, it was the people [minnows] who were the least informed who were the ones making the most money” https://t.co/CQx1o5cSev https://t.co/LLB3jPE50vLink to Tweet
  • An incredible book on the central bankers of 100 years ago. A very timely read. “Lords of Finance: The Bankers Who Broke the World” https://t.co/1Lf3InCeGzLink to Tweet

About Book

Argues that the stock market crash of 1929 and subsequent Depression occurred as a result of poor decisions on the part of four central bankers who jointly attempted to reconstruct international finance by reinstating the gold standard.