More from Less

by Andrew McAfee

Book Reviews

  • by @amcafee on how modern technological economies can build more outputs with less inputs, and why we need all economies to be modern and technological.Link to Tweet
  • @KyLaffoon If you have someone use GDP for what it isn't you get things like Lagarde saying low productivity to "be with us for a long time." Monetary economy excluding software, global supply chain isn't the economy to Tweet
  • incl: More from Less @amcafee Trick Mirror @jiatolentino Veronica Mars @RobThomas On Writing @stephenking Revolt of the Public @mgurri An American Marriage @tayarijones Masters of Doom @davidkushner Red Notice @billbrowder The Body @billbrysonn Water Dancer @tanehisicoatsLink to Tweet
  • @TheStalwart @amcafee"More from Less: The Surprising Story of How We Learned to Prosper Using Fewer Resources―and What Happens Next" to Tweet
  • The central paradox of our time is that GDP continues to grow while resource consumption shrinks. This brilliant book by @amcafee explains how: to Tweet