by Johan Norberg

Book Reviews

  • Very much enjoying @johanknorberg's book that makes the argument against shutting ourselves off and for openness, liberty, and collaboration. We can't make progress against big problems alone. [you can buy it here] to Tweet
  • everyone who found that trade section of the debate lacking should read @KClausing's great book Open to Tweet

About Book

Humanity's embrace of openness is the key to our success. The freedom to explore and exchange - whether it's goods, ideas or people - has led to stunning achievements in science, technology and culture. As a result, we live at a time of unprecedented wealth and opportunity. So why are we so intent on ruining it? From Stone Age hunter-gatherers to contemporary Chinese-American relations, Open explores how across time and cultures, we have struggled with a constant tension between our yearning for co-operation and our profound need for belonging. Providing a bold new framework for understanding human history, bestselling author and thinker Johan Norberg examines why we're often uncomfortable with openness - but also why it is essential for progress. Part sweeping history and part polemic, this urgent book makes a compelling case for why an open world with an open economy is worth fighting for more than ever.