by Tom DeMarco

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Book Reviews

  • 5 book recos for Eng Mgrs & Tech Leads (from a Product Mgr's perspective) 1) Peopleware for managing people & projects 2) Super Thinking for frameworks 3) What Got You Here Won't Get You There for adapting 4) Are Your Lights On? for problem solving 5) 7 Powers for strategy to Tweet
  • Aug 2020 book recommendations for product people: 1. Are Your Lights On? 2. Peopleware 3. The Systems Bible 4. Games People Play This month’s books are a nod to the Lindy Effect: these books are fairly old & we might reasonably expect them to stay relevant for a while longer to Tweet

About Book

Most software project problems are sociological, not technological. Peopleware is a book on managing software projects.

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