Prefab Architecture

by Ryan E. Smith

Book Reviews

  • The housing problem is a fascinating one, and one we desperately need to solve. For a great textbook on both the history and current trends in prefab housing, check out this book (among others): to Tweet
  • @NODEeco If you're interested in more about prefab housing, this book is really great. Yes, the tech has been around for a while (Sears used to sell prefab houses), and the barriers are mostly psychological or legal. But I think its time has come. to Tweet

About Book

Prefabrication and Architecture, a manual about prefab architecture, is primarily written for the architect and construction professional. it is the only professional reference on prefab architecture, with information on the many facets of off-site construction. Prefabrication can allow for greater efficiency and precision, lessen environmental impact, and shorten construction cycles. Smith offers designers and construction professionals guidelines that rethink all stages of the design process in order to effectively utilize the fabrication process.