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  • Here are five books that I’d recommend as we wrap up 2020. I hope you find something that helps you—or the book lover in your life—finish the year on a good note. https://t.co/9N0hL2xvTQLink to Tweet
  • BTW, if exploring the advantages of being a generalist in a specialists’ world intrigues you, Range by @DavidEpstein is a must read addition to the topic. 14/16 https://t.co/ILmiaGPG42Link to Tweet
  • Okay there’s a clear winner, so I guess maybe it’s finally time to finish Radical Candor. Thanks for helping me choose ❤️ PS - the other 3 books are Range by David Epstein, High Output Management by Andrew S. Grove, and Flash Boys by Michael Lewis. All 4 are enjoyable so far.Link to Tweet
  • After a mental block of not being able to read a book properly for 2 years, got started on this one after several recommendations and now can’t stop reading. https://t.co/5pC1WSsQVyLink to Tweet
  • Text is from Range: why generalists triumph in a specialized world, by David Epstein https://t.co/y1VeVTrdB9Link to Tweet
  • Looking for a book that makes you smarter with every page? @DavidEpstein's new book, Range, is out today. It's smart, scientifically-backed, and a fantastic complement to Atomic Habits. (His first book, The Sports Gene, was also top notch.) Grab it: https://t.co/ZFeiTpbBJ2Link to Tweet
  • @SteveBissen Recently finished: Dark Matter by Crouch (first fiction in awhile) The Fish That Ate the Whale by Cohen The Outsiders by Thorndike Currently: Range by @DavidEpstein (comes out this month) Favs: https://t.co/kEcPoKYUiCLink to Tweet

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Shares counterintuitive advice on the most effective path to success in any domain while revealing the essential contributions of generalist, not specialist, team members

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