Sasha Savvy Loves to Code

by Sasha Ariel Alston

Book Reviews

  • (The book by @iamsashaariel is called "Sasha Savvy Loves to Code", intended for ages 7 to 10. Haven't read it but the description sounds good!) to Tweet
  • @iamsashaariel Congratulations! Love that not only are you in this field but you have also written a book to inspire younger kids to enter the field! "Despite this, she decides to give it a chance & convinces her best friends ... to attend the coding camp with her." to Tweet

About Book

Sasha Savvy decides to give Coding Camp a chance even though she thinks it will be boring and doesn't think she is good with computer stuff. Sasha's mom, a Software Developer, gives her a unique formula to help her remember how to code but will it be enough to get her through a challenging first day of camp with bugs everywhere?