Super Pumped

by Mike Isaac

Category: Business & Economics

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  • The book is less fanciful, though seems skewed by the obvious sources who dished to Isaac. I still enjoyed reading it (with a big disclaimer). to Tweet
  • Book 8 Lesson: For better or for worse, companies embody the neuroses of their founders to Tweet
  • @ianstarz I find I really get engrossed by books about tech fraud/over-exuberance, so the book about theranos, super pumped about uber, American kingpin about Silk Road, mastermind about Paul le roux. Classic disaster stories with fascinating central characters.Link to Tweet
  • @geneweingarten @MonicaHesse @LisaTaddeo @stepville Three books which each tell a slightly different and occasionally fucked up story about how capitalism is probably going to ruin us all, by @MikeIsaac @AdamChandler and David Wallace Wells to Tweet
  • This observation was crystallized for me after reading Super Pumped and comparing to various broken cultures I've encountered in my career to Tweet
  • Btw if you haven’t read Super Pumped it is a must read. Spent my 5 hour flight finishing it which tells you how gripping it is because I get super motion sick reading on planes and threw up as soon as I got off 🤣Link to Tweet
  • I was lukewarm about an Uber book but Super Pumped by Mike Isaac was excellent Couldn't put it down Finished entirely on my flight(s) to @wealthstackconf this morning Not only about Uber/Kalanick but also a history of Unicorns, apps & tech bro culture to Tweet
  • 'Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber' traces Travis Kalanick’s trajectory from floundering startup founder to the envy of Silicon Valley to the epitome of tech evil. And despite his much-publicized fall from grace, the book reveals jaw-dropping new lows. to Tweet
  • With @CaseyNewton, @karaswisher , and @MikeIsaac at the book launch party. should all buy this book. to Tweet

About Book

Isaac delivers a gripping account of Uber's rapid rise, its pitched battles with taxi unions and drivers, the company's toxic internal culture, and the bare-knuckle tactics it devised to overcome obstacles in its quest for dominance.

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