by Neil Postman

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  • @joaoeira @Noahpinion @bhorowitz The first few chapters of Technopoly remain a favourite. I do not get much out of Morozov, unfortunately.Link to Tweet
  • @Clever_MetaName @literalbanana Neil Postman's book "Technopoly" ties together religion, technocracy, and bureaucratic control in a related way. He discusses many "transcendent narratives", from the Talmud to Marx to the belief in efficiency (narrowly defined) espoused by many bureaucracies.Link to Tweet
  • @glenweyl @ESYudkowsky Have you read Neil Postman's "Technopoly"? It's perhaps the most striking argument against technocracy I've seen. to Tweet
  • @violinar From Postman himself -- - Technopoly: - the five things: - the seven questions: to Tweet
  • @DanielleFong Have you read Postman's "Technopoly" about the transition from tool-dependent cultures to tool-enslaved cultures? A must-read.Link to Tweet

About Book

A social critic argues that the United States has become a "technopoly"--a system that sacrifices social institutions for self-perpetuating technological advancement--and suggests ways to use technical skills to enhance our democracy

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