The Fish That Ate the Whale

by Rich Cohen

Category: History

Book Reviews

  • @antoniogm Fantastic book with possibly the worst title of all time :/ Also I might disagree about the SV take... while no physical feat, aggregating the attention of the entire world is impressive on a mental level that’s worth admirationLink to Tweet
  • @jgruch006489 @RitholtzWealth nice! Hard to choose but I'd recommend either Creativity Inc or The Fish That Ate the Whale.Link to Tweet
  • Highly recommend The Fish That Ate The Whale. Recommended to me by @BrentBeshore. An absolutely wild book spanning biography + history + geopolitics + business + light horticulture.Link to Tweet
  • @gerstenzang @kylebrussell Sam, I was inspired by your business history thread a while ago and read several books from the list including The Fish That Ate the Whale and The Firm.Link to Tweet
  • @SteveBissen Recently finished: Dark Matter by Crouch (first fiction in awhile) The Fish That Ate the Whale by Cohen The Outsiders by Thorndike Currently: Range by @DavidEpstein (comes out this month) Favs: to Tweet

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