The Goal

by Eliyahu M. Goldratt

Category: Business & Economics

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  • Sketching User Experiences by Bill Buxton and William Buxton The Choice by Eliyahu M. Goldratt About Face 3: The Essentials of Interaction Design by Alan Cooper, David Cronin, and Robert Reimann Outcomes Over Output by Josh Seiden Decode and Conquer by Lewis C. LinLink to Tweet
  • Other books mentioned by at least one person: Build by @tfadell Lean Analytics by Alistair Croll and Ben Yoskovitz Turning the Flywheel by Jim Collins Creative Selection from Ken Kocienda Switch by Chip and Dan Heath Decisive by Chip and Dan HeathLink to Tweet
  • What are the books that made you better at 'business'? Define business however you like Here's my top 5 * Influence (@RobertCialdini) * The Effective Manager (@mahorstman) * The Goal (Goldratt) * The Mom Test (@robfitz ) * Thinking in Bets (@AnnieDuke) What are yours? to Tweet
  • How have I not heard of this book before? definitely a contender for the highest substance-to-book-cover-vibes ratio to Tweet
  • Ok, here's one. For any sufficiently complex process (manufacturing, support queues, etc) you want at least one person with no assigned task, standing back and staying flexible like a free safety. Goldratt's book is excellent on this non-obvious concept: to Tweet
  • @arnav_kumar (startup/tech business biased) Everything written by Andy Grove The Gervais Principle by @vgr The Dilbert Principle by @ScottAdamsSays The Incerto Series by NNT The Goal by Goldratt PoPDF by Reinertsen The Mythical Man Month by Brooks Powerful by McCordLink to Tweet
  • Real self help books address operations. Goldratt's 'The Goal' and Reinertsen's 'Principles of Product Development Flow' are legit self help books imo.Link to Tweet
  • This book is very, very good, and I should have listened to the people who encouraged me to read it sooner to Tweet
  • @starsandrobots @david_perell I loved the book The Goal with all its absurdities.... How is the audio version?Link to Tweet

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"Includes case study interviews"--Cover.

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