The Great Believers

by Rebecca Makkai

Category: Fiction

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  • For another instance! BLOW YOUR HOUSE DOWN by @Ginafrangello, the book absolutely everyone has been talking about, so you need to read it to have an opinion. My opinion (that this book is brilliant) is right there on the cover. 5/ to Tweet
  • @karanortman i loved so many of those also!! great believers, writers and lovers, vanishing half, such a fun age. some of my recent favorites: breasts and eggs, rebecca, klara and the sun, silver sparrow, all systems red, if i had your face, piranesi, transcendent kingdomLink to Tweet
  • The Great Believers is a K*ndle Deal of the Day. I'd feel weirder sharing if there weren't a phenomenon of these deals boosting ongoing physical sales of a book, including from indie bookstores. So: send this to your mom, & use your savings to shop indie! to Tweet
  • HEY, @bookpage thinks your book club should read The Great Believers. I think so too, and I'm trying to figure out a package to put together for book clubs, sthg other than a reading guide that I can send them in thanks. (But that's, like, free.) Ideas? to Tweet

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