The Great Influenza

by John M. Barry

Book Reviews

  • Tomorrow at 10 am ET, I'm joining a Twitter spaces discussion with John Barry! (The author of the book "The Great Influenza" about the 1918 pandemic). Looking forward to it especially since Barry is such an amazing historian. to Tweet
  • A slate of books that have helped me tremendously as of late: — Paris 1919 — A Little History of The World — How to Change Your Mind — Stephen King’s “On Writing” — Van Doren’s “Authentic" — Jung's “The Archetypes…” — The Great Influenza — What Happened To You? — Green LightsLink to Tweet
  • Reading John Barry's book and I keep thinking -- What have we learned since the last pandemic? Anything? And we had 102 years to prepare for the next big one! to Tweet
  • @gsands It's a remarkable book. It ends better than "The End of October" but the second half will make you want to stand up and scream at the anti-maskers and Covid-deniers "Read this book and change your behavior right fucking now."Link to Tweet
  • Four books on the Spanish Flu. 1) The Great Influenza: 2) Pale Rider: 3) Flu: The Story of the Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918: 4) Pandemic 1918: to Tweet
  • Book recs from this week: Life Isn't Everything The Devil's Chessboard The MVP Machine The Great Influenza to Tweet
  • The Great Influenza by John Barry is equal parts terrifying (influenza is a bad MFer) and inspiring (the doctors who were fighting it) Read this to better understand the flu Or don't read this if you panic easily What a sad/scary/unbelievable story to Tweet
  • Book recs from this week's show: Dark Towers by @davidenrich The Great Influenza by John Barry Home Game by Michael Lewis to Tweet

About Book

An account of the deadly influenza epidemic of 1918, which took the lives of millions of people around the world, examines its causes, its impact on early twentieth-century society, and the lasting implications of the crisis.