The Grid

by Gretchen Bakke

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  • #3: The Grid by Gretchen Bakke - This is an older book but was an outstanding overview of how the American electrical grid works and how it’s evolving. #4: Mastering the Lightning Network by @aantonop - This book is definitely for people that are running…Link to Tweet
  • @mandy3284 "The Grid" by Gretchen Bakke is excellent. to Tweet
  • The Grid by Gretchen Bakke is a book about mundane stuff that is actually fascinating: to Tweet

About Book

"Bakke [explores] the many facets of America's energy infrastructure: its most dynamic moments and its most stable ones, and its essential role in personal and national life. The grid, she argues, is an essentially American artifact, one which developed with us: a product of bold expansion, the occasional foolhardy vision, some genius technologies, and constant improvisation. Most of all, her focus is on how Americans are changing the grid right now, sometimes with gumption and big dreams and sometimes with legislation or the brandishing of guns"--Dust jacket flap.