The Hand

by Frank R. Wilson

Book Reviews

  • @ThatLousyGuy Now you should read "The Hand" by Frank Wilson. You'll have an even greater time. I first got into Hands because I was preparing to design a gestural UI, and I was studying how people use their hands.Link to Tweet
  • @sjors Your essay is really good. The @dourish book is a great foundation. This focus on place in design is captured in the notion of Ubiety (vs Ubiquity). Look also at Ed Hutchins' Cognition in the Wild & Frank Wilson's, The Hand. to Tweet

About Book

Drawing from anthropology, physiology, and neurology, and using the examples of jugglers, surgeons, musicians, and puppetmakers, the author explores the role of the hand in how humans learn and form their identities. Reprint. 25,000 first printing.