The Invisible Art

by Mark Cotta Vaz

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  • Yes! As film producer Rick McCallum (Lucasfilm, Film United) has said, "It's what you don't see which makes the effect special." The Paradine Case is one of the best examples. But DO read The Invisible Art, by Mark Cotta Vaz & Craig Barron! to Tweet

About Book

Now available in paperback, The Invisible Art provides an unprecedented retrospective of matte art painting -- the unsung hero in the fast-paced world of cinematic visual effects. Until recently, matte-painting techniques were closely guarded secrets kept locked up on studio lots. The Invisible Art flings open the gates to reveal the finest representations of matte paintings from rare examples seen in epics such as Gone with the Wind and Citizen Kane to prove that the brush is mightier than the computer, as seen in such blockbusters as Star Wars and Titanic. Lavishly illustrated, the book's tremendous scope unveils a century's worth of fascinating stories, legendary personalities, and cunning movie craft from the first pioneering "glass shots" to the dawn of digital technology. Including a foreword by George Lucas, The Invisible Art conjures a never-before-told story of film wizardry.

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