The Middle East Crisis Factory

by Iyad El-Baghdadi

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  • Well, it excites me: The Middle East Crisis Factory: Tyranny, Resilience and Resistance to Tweet

About Book

Why is the Middle East a crisis factory, and how can it be fixed? What does the future look like for its 500 million people? Should the West strong-arm it towards democracy, or leave it alone to its tyrants and terrorists? Iyad El-Baghdadi and Ahmed Gatnash explore the entrenchment of tyranny, terrorism and foreign intervention in the Middle East, showing how these systems of oppression superficially feed off each other, even as they battle each other. They assess the region's prospects in light of demographic, economic and social trends, painting a picture that is both alarming and hopeful. Finally, they present an ambitious and thoughtful manifesto to fix the crisis factory, without resorting either to aggressive military intervention or to non-interventionist wishful thinking. This is a book about the failures of Arab history, the reality of its horizons, and the reasons for hope. Written by children of the region, whose lives have been shaped by its turmoil and who care deeply about its future, The Middle East Crisis Factory offers a bold vision for those seeking peace and democracy in the Middle East.