The Ministry for the Future

by Kim Stanley Robinson

Book Reviews

  • This is one of the most jawdroppingly impactful works of fiction I’ve ever read on the theme of climate change, and the most amazing thing about the book is that it feels like non-fiction. to Tweet

About Book

"From legendary science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson comes a vision of climate change unlike any ever imagined. Kim Stanley Robinson is one of contemporary science fiction's most acclaimed writers, and with this new novel, he once again turns his eye to themes of climate change, technology, politics, and the human behaviors that drive these forces. But his setting is not a desolate, post-apocalyptic world--rather, he imagines a more hopeful future, one where humanity has managed to overcome our challenges and thrive. It is a novel both immediate and impactful, perfect for his many fans and for readers who crave powerful and thought-provoking sci-fi stories"--