The Network State

by Balaji Srinivasan

Book Reviews

  • Important review in @tabletmag of our friend @balajis’s book The Network State - by @antoniogm 🚀 Features Interintellect’s events and ethos as an important cultural innovation and social novelty. Thanks Antonio! Folks, hope you’ll enjoy: to Tweet
  • The Network State is available in three formats. Read it on your phone right now: Download a PDF: Or get it on Amazon if you want the full Kindle experience: to Tweet
  • The Network State, a new book by @balajis, is coming out this summer. Recommend you consider buying a copy if you’re looking for a peak into the future. to Tweet
  • I've been writing a book on how to start a new country. It's finally coming out. You can preorder it now. It arrives on July 4. to Tweet