The Ones We've Been Waiting For

by Charlotte Alter

Category: History

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  • If you follow me, you probably love uplifting stories about young people running for office & leading. Good news: @CharlotteAlter’s amazing book is chock full of all that (+more!) and it’s available today. Get your copy. to Tweet
  • "Millennials in politics" is my fave topic but even if it wasn't I'd still tell you to get @CharlotteAlter's book. She's an incredible writer & the folks she covers (@AOC! @SvanteMyrick! @HaleyLive! @LaurenUnderwood! @EricLesser & more) are so compelling. to Tweet

About Book

There are now 26 millennials in congress - a fivefold increase gained in the last midterms. They're governing over Midwestern cities and college towns, sitting on city councils and running for state legislatures. Some of them have been in office for a few years; one of them is running for president. In The Ones We've been Waiting For, TIME correspondent Charlotte Alter defines the class of young leaders who are remaking the nation, and what America will look like when they're in charge.

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