The Origin of Wealth

by Eric D. Beinhocker

Category: Business & Economics

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  • @J_rob1018 My biz book canon: The Origin of Wealth, Certain to Win, Maverick, Out of the Crisis, Alchemy, Zero To One, 7 Powers, The Intelligent InvestorLink to Tweet
  • @gasca Can I do another book? The Beautiful Fall documenting the YSL vs Karl Lagerfeld feud. Just read the first 15 pages. It oozes with glamor and fashion.Link to Tweet
  • @seneca_nt @stevenstrogatz Another good book in unrelated field is origin of wealth to Tweet
  • @commandodev @chris_herd @MitchWaldrop @EricBeinhocker A very important book. Assume you’ve also read Certain to Win for how to harness those forces. It’s all Boyd in the end ;)Link to Tweet
  • @JakeCahan @zackkanter I read about half of these. Good choices, thx for sharing. My favorite book is The Origin of Wealth by Eric Beinhocker. Not on audible tho:(Link to Tweet

About Book

What is wealth?How is it created? And how can we create more of it for the benefit of individuals, businesses, and societies?In The Origin of Wealth,Eric Beinhocker provides provocative new answers to these fundamental questions. Beinhocker surveys the cutting-edge ideas of economists and scientists and brings their work alive for a broad audience. These researchers, he explains, are revolutionizing economics by showing how the economy is an evolutionary system, much like a biological system. It is economic evolution that creates wealth and has taken us from the Stone Age to the $36.5 trillion global economy of today. By better understanding economic evolution, Beinhocker writes, we can better understand how to create more wealth. The author shows how “complexity economics” is turning conventional wisdom on its head in areas ranging from business strategy and organizational design to investment strategy and public policy. As sweeping in scope as its title,The Origin of Wealthwill rewire our thinking about the workings of the global economy and where it is going.

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