The Party

by Richard McGregor

Category: History

Book Reviews

  • China Signals Regulatory Crackdown Will Deepen in Long Push // if this is an interesting topic for you I'd recommend "The Party" by Richard McGregor as a backgrounder for why this is not "new" and entirely in line with expectations. to Tweet
  • Here's a book recommendation for folks interested in learning more about the CCP. Highly recommend for folks in tech to Tweet

About Book

In this provocative and illuminating account, Richard McGregor offers a captivating portrait of China’s Communist Party, its grip on power and control over China, and its future. China’s political and economic growth in the past three decades has been one of astonishing, epochal dimensions. The most remarkable part of this transformation, however, has been left largely untold—the central role of the Chinese Communist Party. In The Party, Richard McGregor delves deeply into China’s inner sanctum for the first time, showing how the Communist Party controls the government, courts, media, and military and keeps all corruption accusations against its members in-house. The Party’s decisions have a global impact, yet the CCP remains a deeply secretive body, hostile to the law and unaccountable to anyone or anything other than its own internal tribunals. It is the world’s only geopolitical rival of the United States, and is primed to think the worst of the West.

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