The Pragmatic Programmer

by David Thomas

Book Reviews

  • @2KAbhishek @sapanparikh18 @elonmusk @sandromancuso @mashooq @AdamTornhill @satyanadella @martinfowler @venkat_s @ProfFeynman @richardjwild @trisha_gee @eMalaGupta @MahuaMoitra @supriya_sule @nicolefv @LOLrakshak Both great books. If you want to know my list you’ll find it at to Tweet
  • @RealParsaa They are very different books. This one is about algorithms and data structures. Fundamentals of Computer Science. The other one is focused on Software Engineering principles. They are both good books and touch on really important topics.Link to Tweet

About Book

Using anecdotes, analogies, examples and parables, this user-friendly guide offers techniques for getting any programming job done effectively, and can help any programmer improve skills, no matter what level. Incorporates today's top languages, including Java, C, C++, and Perl.